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Bullet Cameras

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bulletA typical surveillance kit usually comes with a group of bullet cameras, more so than dome or spy cameras. The name “bullet” camera describes how this type of particular video camera looks like. That is, it looks similar to the shape and form of a typical bullet that is used with a gun or rifle.

Most bullet cameras are small, compact, and discreet. On the other hand, there are some long range bullet cameras which are of course bigger in size.

Bullet cameras provide excellent picture quality and video recording. There are bullet cameras that come in black and white and in high-resolution color. There are also infrared bullet cameras which can be used for day and night applications. Plus, there are indoor bullet cameras and outdoor. Bullet cameras that are mounted outside should be high performance, weather resistant cameras built to operate in demanding outdoor elements.

Some bullet cameras are designed and programmed to record continuously and some work off motion detection. Most bullet cameras come with a mounting bracket and sunshield and can be easily mounted to the ceiling or wall.

Bullet cameras can be concealed easily (for example, at the end of a driveway) and go relatively unnoticed in a variety of places; such as on a fence post or behind (even in) a tree or other landscaping. A bullet camera is a good choice for a front porch, a back door, or even a garage door. A burglar won’t know he is being videotaped until it is too late.