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About Us


Web Design & Development

Impact innovations is a leading Information Technology company managed by professionals who have had many decades of Information Technology experience. We are a Nigerian company with world class experts and experience in the field of Information Technology Solutions Delivery. Our core area of expertise is website design, web application development, website management and maintenance ' search engine optimisation and also security and surveillance system installation. We use the most current and up to date tools and technologies to develop solutions that meet industry standards.

We provide cutting edge web solutions, incorporating interactivity, flash animation, high-end multimedia and robust database applications. Our team is made up of young, talented and dedicated professionals that have the experience needed to design, develop, deploy and manage websites of the highest quality for forward thinking clients who demand a return on their web solutions investment. This is achieved with such services as intelligent website design and development services; graphic design for websites, e-commerce solutions, database development and programming, Flash design and programming, search engine optimization, web hosting, web design planning and strategy.

Impact innovations offers web promotions including page optimization, manual search engine submission, and the selection of proper keywords and phrases, domain registration services and hosting. We give our clients everything that is necessary to measurably drive sales, reduce cost, improve communication and enable a high level of collaboration between them and their customers.

We provide Information and Communications Technology (ICT) consultancy services to several firms in different parts of Nigeria. We also provide outsourcing services. Our webmasters maybe outsourced to your firm to manage your websites

Mission & Vision

Work on our mission is guided by the following principles:

1. Unique Nature of the Internet: We believe that the open, decentralized, user-controlled, and shared resource nature of the Internet creates unprecedented opportunities for enhancing democracy and civil liberties. A fundamental goal of our work is seeking public policy solutions that preserve these unique qualities and thereby maximize the democratizing potential of the Internet.

2. Freedom of Expression: Impact Innovations champions the right of individuals to communicate, publish and obtain an unprecedented array of information on the Internet. We oppose governmental censorship and other threats to the free flow of information. As an effective alternative to government controls, we believe that a diversity of technology tools can empower families and individuals on the Internet to communicate freely and make choices about the information they receive.

3. Privacy: Impact innovations is working for individual privacy on the Internet. We believe that maintaining privacy and freedom of association on the Internet requires the development of public policies and technology tools that give people the ability to take control of their personal information online and make informed, meaningful choices about the collection, use and disclosure of personal information.

4. Surveillance:Impact innovationschallenges invasive government policies.II is working for strong privacy protections against surveillance on the Internet. We believe that the content of communications, stored information, and transactional data deserve strong legal protection against unreasonable government search and seizure. Protections against government searches should extend to the network, as well as to the home. II advocates for stronger legal standards controlling government surveillance to keep pace with the growing exposure of personal information in communications media.

5. Access: Impact innovations is working to foster widely-available, affordable access to the Internet. We believe that broad access to and use of the Internet enables greater citizen participation in democracy, promotes a diversity of views, and enhances civil society. We work for public policy solutions that maximize, in a just and equitable fashion, the unique openness and accessibility of the Internet and preserve its vision as it evolves with ever more powerful broadband technologies.

6. Democratic Participation:Impact innovations is pioneering the use of the Internet to enhance citizen participation in the democratic process, and to ensure the voice of Internet users is heard in critical public policy debates about the Internet. II believes that the Internet provides unique and effective means of promoting democracy and of facilitating grassroots organizing and public education. We support using the Internet to afford citizens the immediate, broad access to government information necessary to the full practice of democracy.